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It's estimated that 93% of all buying cycles now start with an online search. Get in on the action with a digital marketing strategy that begins with a well built website. 

Let us show you:

  • Innovative ways to combine print and digital communications to drive traffic to your site. 
  • Improve direct mail response rates with campaign landing pages.
  • Reach a growing audience through local search strategies. 


Search Engine Marketing

Having a great site with excellent SEO can often be enough, but for those looking to reach even further, you can take part in Search Engine Marketing. SEM is a form or marketing where ads are placed right at the top of search results. Getting listed even before the first organic result shows just how effective SEM can be. 

Our powerhouse tools automatically place bids on your behalf so you aren't wasting time or money. Our techniques will give you results that you can measure in your custom analytics reports. 

Whether you're looking for Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Impression (CPM), we can help. 

Local Search Engine Optimization

Learn The Power of ClaimLOCAL

Over 90% of Internet users have gone online to research a product of service before going to a nearby business to make a purchase. But how do you make sure they find YOU?

Local Search!

Every search is a local search. Local Search happens when someone types a geographic keyword in a search engine, or has their location turned on in their device. A search for "collision repair Portage, Michigan" for example, will not only deliver websites of individual businesses, but also directory listings for nearby body shops on sites such as, and 

Unfortunately, Google says only 20% of small businesses have claimed their local listings on one of the leading local sites, Google My Business. If you're one of the 80% who have not yet started to benefit from Local Search marketing tools, let us help. 

ClaimLOCAL is an easy to use program that will improve your online presence and ensure that potential customers will find you on the web. 

Reputation Management

Keep track of what others are saying about your business or organization. With ClaimLOCAL Reputation Management, you can receive email alerts when someone leaves an online review of your establishment so you can address any concerns they have before a bad review gets out of hand. Amplify Positive Reviews

Reputation monitoring can make a huge difference. According to Search Engine Land84% of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality local businesses. If your business has good reviews, search engines rank them higher in search results. ClaimLOCAL's Reputation Master program can help you get more five star reviews from your best customers. 

Try ClaimLOCAL - Local SEO with Amazing Results

There is power in claiming all your local listing on the internet. Use our handy tool and type in your company information to find out instantly how your company ranks in each of the key 53 local search sites on the web.

When you have a consistent listing across them all, with no duplicates or confusion, your overall search results in the major search engines will improve as well. We can assist you in putting it all together to maximize your results. Give it a try.

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Search Engine Optimization

A properly planned and executed website does more than simply deliver information. It takes advantage of the power of search engines to deliver prospects to you at exactly the right time; when they are in the market and ready to buy. 

Search Engine Optimization Kalamazoo, Michigan

Why is search such an important consideration? Experts say search engines such as Google and Bing typically drive between 70%-80% of all traffic to new sites. 

But just showing up on the results page isn't enough. You want to rank near the top of organic (non-paid) listings. Research shows the top spot typically attracts more than half of the clicks from users and 90% of the clicks go to the first six search listings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps ensure your site appears as high as possible in the listings by searches on the most relevant keywords for your business. At Wow Web Works, we're SEO experts who apply a precise and direct approach, using innovative strategies to help define your business and the way customers find your information. Combined with our understanding of the best practices for website design, navigation and content - and our ability to help you create an effective overall website strategy - our SEO capabilities boost targeted traffic to your website and make your online channel a powerful source of sales. 

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