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General Outlook Settings

Common settings you will need to apply to get your Outlook working correctly for most of our normal hosting environments:

Open Tools--Accounts

For Outlook 2010

For Outlook 2007

To determine the version of Outlook that you use, follow these steps:

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Office Outlook.
  3. Verify the version information and the build number to determine the version of Outlook that is installed on your computer.


Your settings should be: 

  • POP3: 
  • SMTP: 
  • User Name: (Your full email address) 
  • PW: (Your Password Here) 


If your Sending fails it may be because you are using Charter Cable or another provider that blocks you from sending email through their port. To get around this:


  • Click More Settings--- Outgoing Server" check "My outging server (SMTP) requires authentication" AND "Use Same Settings as my incoming server" 
  • Advanced Tab: 
  • Your standard SMTP outgoing port is 25. If you are using AT&T or Charter they may already be using or blocking that port. If that is the case, by pass it by changing your port settings: 
  • Change the Outgoing server (SMTP) to 825 (shared server) or 2525 (dedicated server) 
  • Click OK and test things.

Why are emails consistently being blocked and returned undeliverable

Check - Is the email address valid? Look at the top 5 lines of the returned email. In those lines it will state a reason.

Common Reasons: 

  1. Mistyped email address - read it carefully. Is it .net or .com? Missing letters?
  2. The email box is full on the other end - again the return message will tell you that.
  3. Their server may be having an issue. 
  4. Sometimes they are blocked by an in-between server. See below for details:


  1. When emails are sent they are routed through upwards of 20 servers to arrive at a destination. 
  2. Each of those servers has to pass the email on to the next one in the route.
  3. If one of those servers in-between decides it doesn't like an email or won't allow passage, for some of any of 100 different reasons, then the emails won't go through and bounce.
  4. Wow has no control over any servers other than the one we send from. Once we send it the world of outside servers takes over and independently do what they do.
  5. The route from your Server A (Start point) to their Server Z (destination) passes through Servers B-Y to get to the Z and is being blocked by some server in that route for some reason we can't control.
  6. These things never used to happen two years ago but it does on occasion now. I have no idea why and after days of research to no avail we no longer even try.
  7. It may only be one or two email addresses blocked, others might go through because they use a different route.
  8. We can't control the route and the route may change itself over time, maybe not.


  1. Create a second email address to send through. If no emails from your domain can get through then create a pocket gmail or yahoo or msn account to use instead. Inconvenient but gets the job done... OR
  2. Move all the email services to another service - we have alternatives but it would mean completely changing over all emails to the other service to get around the issue, establishing the new route.
  3. Moving them doesn't guarantee all those problems will cease to exist. I've moved emails from Service A to Service B for that reason. I've also moved emails from Service B to Service A for exactly the same reason. It's not the sending server, it's a dead space in-between.

Setting up Outlook to delete your emails from the server

When files are sent to your email box they arrive on our server which holds them there until you either delete them. If you do not delete them your email box can get full and you can no longer receive emails.

To delete them off your server, log into your Smarter Mail program and delete them there. If you are on our shared server you go to or if on our dedicated server go to

What if you want to delete them off the server but still save them?

Step 1: Make sure you have your Outlook program or Mail program set to delete messages upon downloading. If using Outlook see this video:

For Mac Mail:

Accessing your email online with your browser

Accessing your email on one of our shared servers:
  • Username: (enter your email address) 
  • Password: (Whatever you have chosen) 
  • The rest is up to you.

Accessing your email on our Dedicated Server:

  • (Note - don't use www) 
  • Use your full email address as your User Name and enter your password. 
  • Presto, you are in and running.

Access your Dedicated Server control panel

  1. Go to (if you get a security warning - proceed anyway) 
  2. Click on the "Create Mail Account" in the tools section. 
  3. Click on your domain name 
  4. Create you account - just fill in the "Mail account form" section and click Finish

Access Shared Server Control Panel

To get to your control panel: 
  1. Go to: 
  2. Login (Your Username And Password should have been emailed to you) 
  3. Click on the Domains Icon: 
  4. Click on your domain name 
  5. Click on the POP3 Icon 

From here you can add email addresses, change email passwords or delete email addresses.

Premium Email Password Setup

We have set strict rules on password setups on our premium email service to deter spammers from hacking email accounts. A password like bill1234 is very hackable. Here is a video that can guide you on password setup if you need assistance:


Stat Counter

Here's a video that outlines some of the information you can get from the stat counter that is associated with your website. 

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